Pleased piggies on pasture describes our hogs.

Pasturing hogs allows them to root, roll, wallow, and graze-the way God made them-producing leaner, healthier and more delicious pork.

Our pigs are raised on pasture in rotational patterns, and are fed local non-gmo grains. Digging and wallowing in the mud, just as pigs are supposed to. They get exercise daily which builds lean meat.

With constant access to clean water, Non-GMO, local grains grown without pesticides/herbicides, the pigs grow up strong and healthy.


Product Image Item Name- Price Qty.
Bacon Ends - Original

Bacon Ends - Original

$9.00/lb: 1 lb packages.

Chops Bone-in 1/2"

Chops Bone-in 1/2"

$12.50/lb: 1/2" Thick Cut Bone-in 1.25 lbs avg package.

Chops Bone-in 1"

Chops Bone-in 1"

$10.50/lb: 1" Thick Cut Bone-in 1.25 lbs avg package.

Chops Bone-in 1.5"

Chops Bone-in 1.5"

$10.50/lb: 1.5" Thick Cut Bone-in 2.25 lbs avg package.

Chops Boneless 1"

Chops Boneless 1"

$10.50/lb: 1" Thick Cut Boneless 2 per package 1 lb avg package.


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