Farm fresh eggs, from chickens livin' large.

They could tell you themselves, they've got it good. Fed strictly non-GMO grains, our chickens spend their days roaming the pasture, eating bugs and grass, chatting in the nest boxes, and laying you the rich brown eggs you love so much. Come out to the farm and we'll let you gather 'em yourself, fresh as they come.

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Chicken Eggs - Dozen

Chicken Eggs - Dozen

Our hens free range around their "eggmobile" eaitng grass, bugs and worms, and are fed strictly non-gmo grains. Compared to...

Duck Eggs- Dozen

Duck Eggs- Dozen

$6.00/doz: Fresh eggs from happy, healthy, pasture-raised Pekin ducks fed only non-GMO grains!   ***Eggs are not available for Florida...


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